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To put your spirits up for auction, fill in the form or send us your list with photos via email at [email protected] You will receive a free estimate within 48-72 hours.


Our specialist team ensures the collection, packaging, and transport of your spirits in the best conditions to our warehouse, where you can also choose to drop off your bottles personally.


Each sale takes place online at and lasts around 10 days. One spirits auction is organised per month, visible to over 550,000 potential buyers across the world.


The results from the auction in question will be sent no more than 24 hours after the sale closes. Payment will be settled 35 days after auction closure, by cheque or bank transfer.


Getting an estimate for your spirits is simple and free. Click here: Sell my spirits

Frequently asked questions

  • Why should I sell my spirits online with Fine Spirits Auction?

    Whether you’re looking to sell collectors’ spirits, mature vintages, or simply some good bottles, Fine Spirits Auction is the best place to go, both in France and from abroad. Through International Wine Auction, licensed auctioneer and subsidiary of Fine Spirits Auction, we are France’s first online spirit auction site. We are in contact with over 550,000 enthusiasts from 60 countries. This is the go-to reference site for price estimates, reselling, and purchasing fine spirits.

  • Should I sell my spirits at auction or sell my collection for a fixed price?

    Selling your spirits online is extremely simple with Fine Spirits Auction. When you send us a list of your bottles with the view to selling them, our team will provide free price estimates with selling via auction in mind. If you’re looking to settle payment within a shorter timeframe, you can request to sell your bottles to us for a fixed price. If your bottles are of the kind we sell regularly on the site, a price for the overall purchase of your collection can be offered. In this case, the price will be determined based on the lower estimate made, minus selling fees.

  • What is the difference between the estimated market value of a spirit and the quote given?

    Fine Spirits Auction has an ongoing system of estimated value. It is based on the average hammer price for a spirit in French public auctions since the beginning of the year. This indicates the hammer price plus the fees paid by buyers via the auction house. The estimate provided to you for your bottles does not include this “buyer’s fee”, hence the difference.

  • Pricing techniques at auction

    The reserve price is the starting price for a given auction, so bids cannot be placed lower than this. This reserve price is fixed at the lowest estimate received for the lot in question. The seller can set a reserve price lower than this, or indeed choose not to set a reserve price at all. In this case, the starting price will be €1, an option that catches the attention of bidders and can be successful with both private and professional clients.

  • What fees are applied during the sale?

    In the context of an auction, the selling commission is taken off once the bottle is sold and before payment is settled. Calculated based on the number and value of bottles sold, this covers evaluation, insurance, and storage of the spirits up until the sale. Furthermore, Fine Spirits Auction guarantees promotion for your spirits to a global clientele, via offices in Paris and Hong Kong. In the case of a fixed price sale, the selling commission is taken from the total settled by Fine Spirits Auction. The total commission, based on a percentage of the overall price, varies depending on the volume of bottles put up for sale.

  • Where are my spirits stocked after evaluation and in what conditions?

    Throughout each stage of selling (from collection to dispatch) your spirits are stored in a secure place with temperature-controlled conditions. The company Fine Spirits Auction holds an insurance contract for the conservation on behalf of third parties.

  • How long does a sale last?

    Each auction lasts around ten days. During this time, your spirits have superb exposure and visibility on the website, with over 550,000 registered clients, allowing you to sell for the best price.

  • Can I follow the sale in real time?

    Of course! Selling your spirits with Fine Spirits Auction gives you access to a private space, for both private and professional sellers, where you can follow the progress of an auction in real time for every lot going under the hammer.

  • How do I receive payment?

    In the case of a direct sale for a fixed price, payment will be settled immediately by cheque or bank transfer. The quotes sent to you are calculated based on estimated market value with a deduction for fees paid by the buyer. For spirits with no market estimate, quotes are decided using price averages from a panel of merchants. In the case of an auction, Fine Spirits Auction guarantees payment for bottles that have found buyers. You will receive this payment within 35 days of the auction closing. You can also send your bank details via email to [email protected] or by fax at if you wish to have payment settled by bank transfer.

  • Who transports the bottles before selling?

    To transport your bottles to Fine Spirits Auction, there are three options :
    1- Drop off the bottles at our storage unit. If you are able, you are welcome to bring your spirits directly to our warehouse by making an appointment with the Selling Team at 01 56 05 86 10 at least 72 hours in advance. You should bring proof of identity. We would ask you to transfer the complete list of spirits, as already agreed, to the Selling Team at [email protected] or by fax at 01 56 05 86 11.
    2- Direct collection carried out by us. In this case, we will send you a quote within a few days.
    3- Transport via trusted postal partners or by your own means. There are several solutions within France and from abroad.
    a. We can provide special packaging and prepaid labels for delivery via Colissimo (available for most countries in Europe). You will need to settle delivery costs.
    b. “Keys in hand” option: collection from your home and transport by Fine Spirits Auction or a partner company (specialist transport).
    c. Transport organised by yourself. If you wish to find your own transporter, we recommend checking that they are qualified to transport spirits and organising insurance to the value of the bottles.

  • How much does it cost to have my bottles collected from home?

    The cost of transport varies depending on the quantity and value of the bottles being put up for sale, as well as your location. Our team can produce a quote based on these elements. Alternative options are to deliver the bottles yourself or to organise a transporter separate to ours.

  • Are my spirits insured during transportation?

    All of our transportation is insured by value (ad valorem insurance). In the case of an incident during transport, you will be reimbursed based on the median value estimate made for your bottles.

  • Should I get special packaging for transportation?

    However you choose to transport your bottles, they must be sent in specially adapted packaging. If sending via Colissimo (in Europe) or if our team collects your bottles, this specialist packaging will be provided. If you are sending via other means, you will need to choose the correct packaging yourself (including wooden cases or cardboard boxes). We may be able to send packaging material on request, the price of which will depend on quantity and your location.

  • How will I know that my bottles have arrived?

    Fine Spirits Auction will inform you via email when your bottles have been received. Once the bottles have been checked, you will receive a confirmation of reception, also via email.

  • Can I set a minimum price for the sale of my spirits?

    When your lots are evaluated by Fine Spirits Auction, they will each be given a higher and lower estimate. The lower estimate serves as a reserve price and starting bid for the auction. Our specialists reserve the right, if necessary, to lower these estimates once the bottles are received if they do not correspond with the description and/or photos sent. Your consent will be sought before bottles are put up for auction at a modified price. Fine Spirits Auction also reserves the right to refuse any lots judged to be in an unsatisfactory state.

  • How will I be informed of the auction outcome?

    Once the auction has closed, you will receive an email detailing the result for each of the lots you have put up for sale.

  • What happens if some of my spirits don’t sell?

    If your spirits don’t find a buyer by the end of an auction, they will automatically be included in the following sale for no extra fee. In this case, you will receive another sales requisition from the licensed auctioneer. You will also have the chance to reduce the reserve price or even divide your lots differently to appeal to more potential buyers.

  • Can I take back unsold lots?

    Once the auction has closed, it is possible to have your bottles returned if they do not find a buyer. This is at no extra fee aside from eventual transport costs. To organise this, you should contact the Selling Team ([email protected]) If you would like to pick up your bottles in person, please make an appointment at least 72 hours in advance.

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